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“My Love for you has no bounds”

I cannot describe the moment your name is mentioned and I cannot express my love for you. You are me, I move with you, I stay up all night with you. I see you everywhere because you are always with me. I feel you in every moment of my life. If I turn right, I see you smiling and if I look left, I see the happiness within you. I think you run in my blood, no, you are my blood, soul and all that I own. If you wanted me to, I would sacrifice myself for you. You run in my veins. I breathe your love and live on my love for you. The world cannot separate me from you. If you leave me for a second, I would need you. Until I see you or listen to your voice or see you in my imagination, my soul would be in pain. You are my dream, you are the meaning of my life.

ISHQ: The fragrance that expresses the extent of attachment and adoration. The smell of red acidic fruits gives you the sense of sacrifice and love by moving all your senses, blended with vanilla that reflects the meaning of attachment

and love.

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