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“Your love shaping my life”

Through every difficulty I go through in the middle of the desert, I recollect my moments with you. Behind every single trace, there is a history and story about you. A story written with golden water and a history that cannot be erased from my memory because of its deep effect on me. This is the country I was raised in. It's love runs in my veins. You are more precious than anything I own. You are the historical moments eternalized in my heart. You are the influence behind all the steps I take in life.

WATAN: The fragrance that expresses the most precious meanings of values, it is a combination of luxurious oud that conveys elegance, just as the feel of luxury gold gives to those who wear it. Upon inhaling this beautiful fragrance, you recall precious memories and sentimental moments that reflect the strength of relationships. It leaves an impact on your heart and soul, shaping your personality and belonging.

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